Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cooling off

I've mentioned it once or twice before, but it bears repeating: my body hates summer. Therefore, my favorite summer activity is finding ways to beat the heat. Today, I flexed my heat beating muscles and whipped that summer swelter into submission.

I employed four different strategies to chill out today. The following are my tips to survive the summer warmth in relative comfort.

1. Sprinklers. Soak the lawn and the body in one shot. You stay cool while the grass stays green.

2. Ice water. Large quantities in plentiful supply.

3. Movie theaters. I would be willing to bet that your local theater is statistically the most air-conditioned building in town. I have no data to back up that assumption, only experiential observations. (my father-in-law and I watched Inception this afternoon, and the theater was chilled to perfection. You can read my review HERE)

4. The beach. Taking a dunk in one of North Idaho's lakes allows you to enjoy the best of two worlds. You're able to relax outside in the sunshine soaking up your daily dose of vitamin d, yet you're also able to remain refreshingly cool and sweat free.

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