Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fair weekend

The kids were in bed last night at 8pm and in the care of my in-laws, freeing Bekah and me to experience the fair unencumbered. Date night at the North Idaho Fair.

Today was family day. We've been fairing it up since the gates opened. Four kids in tow (with my mother-in-law to assist). We wandered the animal showcases, rode a few rides, ate the obligatory fair food, and attacked the petting zoo.

Now we commence Operation Keep the Children Awake.

We want the younger Caseys to go to bed early so that Bekah and I can return for more fun (and possibly funnel cake). The kids have been awake since breakfast this morning. No naps. J has been a zombie for the last hour and he finally zonked out during the ride home. He is beyond waking. Since he's not quite two, we're not worried about an insomniac version of J. The other kids, however are a concern. If they nap now, they'll be awake all night long.

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